Bold brave comedy, cooked up with a handful of hilarity, a splash of anarchy and a dollop of love



We are a gaggle of clowns, fools, poets, story tellers, idiots, musicians and mischief makers; bound together by a belief that comedy is more than just a laughing matter.

3 essential ingredients in every I Am Nincompoop recipe are:

  • Laughter used generously to expose, inspire, unite, transform and connect
  • Failure warmly embraced and wrapped in love
  • Humanity lashings of it directly from source

(One day we will have a smoking hot advert featuring ridiculously desirable nincompoops seductively whispering these words – just like an M&S advert but for idiots)

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Wake Up & Deirdrealize

‘An Outrageous Piece of Nonsense. Massive Fun’ ****Theatre Bath

‘Most fun I’ve had at The Fringe A Must See’ Audience Member

Bought to you by our favourite first class Gaulier trained idiot, Lucy Harrington, I Am Nincompoop’s debut show is a hilariously outlandish character romp, guaranteed to take you on the most thrilling ride of your life.

Deirdre is on a mission to make the world better, one person at a time, starting with you. A face achingly funny look at the meaning of success and what happens when one woman’s quest to achieve it spirals out of control. Everyone is about to ‘Wake Up & Deirdrealize’, not least of all Deirdre herself.

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A face-achingly funny night of alternative comedy where anything can happen and quite often does

The South West’s best and most absurd alternative comedy event, Nincompoop Presents showcases the very best new ideas in comedy, clowning, fooling, slapstick, mime, audience participation, mischief and tomfoolery.

Previous Nincompoops have included a man pouring a can of spaghetti hoops over his head, a biscuit eating competition (a dog in the audience won), and incredible circus and acrobatics from a man with a broken leg.

Prepare to let your nincompoop loose as we get ready for an unpredictable and side-splitting night from the South West’s funniest and bravest people – and remember, sometimes the worst ideas are the best ones of all!

“A ridiculously funny night, I laughed so much I’ve got a six pack!” Audience Reaction

“Britain’s Got Talent meets Monty Python; you never know what you’re going to get next!” Audience Reaction

BRISTOL     The Wardrobe Theatre     Second Sunday of every month     7.30pm

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A HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who supported our incredible crowdfunding campaign The I Am Nincompoop Master Plan to make the world a bolder braver funnier place


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