Bold brave comedy, cooked up with a handful of hilarity, a splash of anarchy and a dollop of love


One became two, became three, became TEN! This is the most ridiculously exciting turn of events which can only serve to increase the levels of Nincompoopery to dangerous levels

Together we will

  1. Create a family of brand-new Nincompoop characters who will run our monthly nights at The Wardrobe
  2. Create a bonkersly brilliant cabaret show
  3. Run a series of clown based weekly play sessions for grown-ups in need of belly laughs

You can meet the all new Nincompoop family and catch a very early scratch version of our show THIS SUNDAY at Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street, Bristol, BS5 6AW We would love to see you there.

SUNDAY 13 JANUARY, 7.30pm, Pay What you Decide