On 09 June 2019 Nincompoop will finish forever

After nearly five years, of joyous mayhem, ludicrous ideas and heart filling, soul swelling, mind boggling delight, I have decided that it is time to put Nincompoop to bed. I think this might be the bravest thing I’ve done since starting the night, back in January 2015.

What a journey it’s been. From The Greenbank, to The Wardrobe, to The Bike Shed and back again. I have learned so much on this trip and I am so grateful to so so many people for helping me and Nincompoop along the road. I am extremely proud of what Nincompoop is and the platform it has created for performers and audiences alike. If Nincompoop is my baby, I can proudly tell you she is not a pretty, but who cares about being pretty when you’re as damn awesome as she is.

I wanted so much to be able to take Nincompoop on the next leg of it’s journey. I dreamed of creating a collective and taking our Nincompoop cabaret show out on a rural tour. I have worked hard for the past 6months towards achieving this goal, but the further the journey has gone along, the more I have realised, that as much as I want it to be, my heart isn’t really in it. Sadly, I don’t have the energy needed to get this project off the ground.

I cannot overstate how much work goes in to creating a night like Nincompoop. It’s a huge amount. Booking acts, rebooking acts, social media, websites, logos, theme tunes, editing photos, uploading photos, posters, newsletters, flyers, facebook, facebook, facebook and that’s before you’ve even got to the night itself. At the beginning of this adventure, I loved these challenges and I learned and learned and learned some more. Recently I am doing some new learning and that is that I loathe a fair few of these tasks and increasingly resent them for stealing my time.

If Nincompoop paid me a living wage to do the work that needs to be done to create the night and take the project forward, would I be putting it sleep right now? The honest answer to that is I don’t know. The night was never destined to be a money spinner. It’s a new material night that provides performers with a much needed platform to play and experiment and have fun failing in front of an audience and that it has truly done.

Maybe it’s great that new nights pop up with people who are at the right stage of their journey to pour enthusiasm and commitment in to making new things happen. Maybe it would be great if the arts found a way to better support performers and events that are giving people a leg up on their journey. I don’t know how I feel about this. What I do know is that this particular journey has taken me as far as I can go and it’s time for a rest and a change.

I am sad. I am happy. Endings are good. Endings mean beginnings. Exciting things are on their way, I can feel it in the wind.

Nincompoop I salute you and I will forever WoopToThePoop. I am so grateful to so many people for their help and support on this journey. In particular Philip Naylor (who I don’t think has ever missed a show), Pete Lloyd, Clare Woodford, Darren Hoskins, Alex Tabrizi, Beccy Golding, Megan Brooks, Adam Fung, Matt Whittle, Emily Souter Johnson, Gwendolyn Scott, Holly Stoppit, Theatre Bristol and of course you.

If you want to show your love for Nincompoop before she leaves forever, you have just two more opportunities. Please do come and celebrate the ending of a wonderful time that we have shared.

Sunday 12 May 7pm – last Nincompoop as we know it

Sunday 09 June 7pm – Our final show spectacular party

See you there, you beautiful Nincompoop

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