Nincompoop was started by Lucy Harrington in January 2015. The mission was to create valuable opportunities for comedy performers at all stages of their careers, to develop and grow in a safe and playful environment, whilst providing audiences the opportunity to enjoy a hilarious night out, guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a glow in your heart.

Over the past four years the night has built up a loyal following of faithful idiots and a sterling reputation as a place where nonsense and nincompoopery can reliably be found.

We moved from The Greenbank Pub to The Wardrobe Theatre when it opened in January 2016 and also enjoy being hosted by The Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter from 2016 – 2017.

For the first 18months, Lucy hosted Nincompoop as the fabulously deranged Deirdre Me, using this experience as a platform to play with new material and as a springboard for creating her debut solo show ‘Wake Up & Deirdrealize’.

While getting her show tour ready, Lucy was keen to keep the Nincompoop experience fresh and wild, the premise of the night is about experimenting, taking risks and enjoying the flop. Lucy though that it was only right that she put herself firmly in that space along with audiences and performers alike. Over the coming months Nincompoop was hosted by a smorgasbord of delights including Our Susan, Archie Dinks, and lest we not forget Isosceles the Triangle.

In the spring of 2017, Lucy called on the community of faithful Nincompoops to help her roll out her Master Plan to make the world a bolder braver funnier place, with a


The master plan had 3 goals

  1. To finish creating the show Wake Up & Deirdre Alize in preparation for a summer tour.
  2. To run a pilot of an artist development scheme.
  3. To create a touring Nincompoop Cabaret show and workshop suitable for rural communities and those with limited access to theatre.

71 generous individuals helped to raise a whopping £7000

Goal one has been well and truly achieved. Wake Up & Deirdrealize had a wonderful time out on the road, Lucy is extremely proud of all that she achieved and learned through the experience of creating, producing and performing this show and is enormously grateful for all the help and support she received to make this dream come true.

In September of 2017 due to bereavement and exhaustion. Lucy decided the best course of action would be to lie down on her face for a while. In true Nincompoop style, the very best idiot was waiting in the wings to save the flop.

In Sep 2017, Nincompoop got a new host in the form of the very hilarious and extra loveable Pete Lloyd AKA Bertie Boulevard and what an outstanding host he is, taking Nincompoop from strength to strength in Lucy’s absence.


By Sep 2018, Lucy was back up on her feet and it was finally time to move forwards with the other 2 goals of the Master Plan.

As the result of an almost 2year hiatus, with the blessing of our funders, the plan has shifted ever so slightly in how it will be rolled out. We are very much hoping that the end results will be very much the same.


One became two, became three, became TEN! This is the most ridiculously exciting turn of events which can only serve to increase the levels of Nincompoopery to dangerous levels

Together we will

  1. Create a family of brand-new Nincompoop characters who will run our monthly nights at The Wardrobe
  2. Create a bonkersly brilliant cabaret show
  3. Run a series of clown based weekly play sessions for grown-ups in need of belly laughs

If this goes well and let’s face it what other way could it go, the future has Nincompoop written all over it

You can meet the all new Nincompoop family and catch a very early scratch version of our show THIS SUNDAY at Easton Community Centre Kilburn St, Bristol BS5 6AW

SUNDAY 13 JANUARY , 7.30pm, Pay What you Decide