We are a gaggle of clowns, fools, poets, story tellers, idiots, musicians and mischief makers; bound together by a belief that comedy is more than just a laughing matter.

3 essential ingredients in every I Am Nincompoop recipe are:

  • Laughter used generously to expose, inspire, unite, transform and connect
  • Failure warmly embraced and wrapped in love
  • Humanity lashings of it directly from source

(One day we will have a smoking hot advert featuring ridiculously desirable nincompoops seductively whispering these words – just like an M&S advert but for idiots)


  • Nincompoop – our new material nights are a space for performers at all stages of their careers to take risks and have fun falling on their faces while trying to fly
  • Shows – our first show ‘Wake Up & Deirdrealize’ is touring now
  • Artist Development – Thanks to the incredible success of our recent crowdfunding campaign, we will be launching our very first artist development program in the Autumn of 2017


Lucy Harrington founded Nincompoop in January 2015 after graduating from Ecole Philippe Gaulier in June 2014 where she trained in physical theatre for 2 years. Lucy’s approach to theatre is open, honest and playful. She has a background in community work and has a knack of bringing people and inspirations together.

Lucy believes that the world is big and we are small but each of us has something unique to offer and that is our gift to the world. It is the journey of  our lifetime to discover and share our gifts.  Laughter, love, connection, honesty, safety, bravery and mayhem, these are the gifts that Lucy hopes to share with the creation of Nincompoop.