A HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who supported our incredible crowdfunding campaign The I Am Nincompoop Master Plan to make the world a bolder braver funnier place


Goal Number One was to finish creating our first comedy theatre show Wake Up & Deirdrealize in preparation for a summer tour. Thanks to our 71 donors, the show is made. We have been having a blast and are about to head up to take part in our very first Edinburgh Festival. Maybe we’ll see you there. Mega exciting!

Taking a show on tour is a dream come true, but it will also serve to raise the profile of the company, putting us on the map as we prepare to launch two exciting new projects in the Autumn.

For the past two and a half years I Am Nincompoop has hosted popular monthly new material nights in Bristol and Exeter, creating valuable opportunities for comedy performers at all stages of their careers, to develop and grow in a safe and playful environment, whilst providing audiences the opportunity to enjoy a hilarious night out, guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a glow in your heart.

Goal Number Two is to further nourish and support artists growth with the pilot of our artist development scheme. Through an open application process, 3 performers will be selected to receive professional and creative guidance to develop their work in preparation for a special I Am Nincompoop cabaret show.

Goal Number Three is to reach for the big dream. That dream would be to hold the artist development program twice a year. As well as supporting performers to take their work to the next level, they will be invited to join the I Am Nincompoop Cabaret Tour to rural areas, disadvantaged communities and places where there is limited access to theatre. Alongside the cabaret, we will lead fun filled workshops inviting participants to playfully explore their own creative inklings. Participants from the workshops will be invited to perform as special guests in the cabarets, opening the doors of possibility and spreading the spirit of Nincompoop.

This is a longer term goal and to achieve this it is essential that we put in place organisational structures to support this work; we might need to bring on board a producer, a marketer or an administrator. We are currently chatting with the good people at Theatre Bristol and also with Arts Council England to ensure that we put every penny of your generous donations to the very best use.

Watch this space! Or if you have got better things to do, sign up for Nincompoop News and we’ll be in touch in the Autumn with an update