Wake Up & Deirdrealize

‘An Outrageous Piece of Nonsense. Massive Fun’ ****Theatre Bath

‘Most fun I’ve had at The Fringe A Must See’ Audience Member

Bought to you by our favourite first class Gaulier trained idiot, Lucy Harrington, I Am Nincompoop’s debut show is a hilariously outlandish character romp, guaranteed to take you on the most thrilling ride of your life.

Deirdre is on a mission to make the world better, one person at a time, starting with you. A face achingly funny look at the meaning of success and what happens when one woman’s quest to achieve it spirals out of control. Everyone is about to ‘Wake Up & Deirdrealize’, not least of all Deirdre herself.

If you would like to book the show or Deirdre Me, both are available and open to interesting offers of almost any variety.


Director                                            Paschale Straiton

Work in Progress Director         Holly Stoppit

Designer                                           Nuala Honan

Theme Tune                                    Simon Panrucker

Photography                                   Paul Blakemore

So much help from so many people including: 71 Crowdfunder donors, Josie Harrington, my amazing mum and dad, Katie Storer, Gwen Scott, Gwen Hales, The Desperate Men, Phillip Naylor, Marky Jay, Adam Blake, Megan Vaughn-Thomas, The Wardrobe Theatre, Jack Drewry, Jason King, Sam Francis, Sam Sharland


Wake Up & Deirdrealize has been created through a 3year process of experimentation and play. The character, Deirdre was born through an invitation to host a tongue in cheek dog show at a community event in Bristol called ‘Make Sundays Special’ in 2014. This character then went on to be the first host of ‘Nincompoop’ – I Am Nincompoops monthly new material comedy showcase from 2015 – 2016.

Following a period of self-funded research and development and several exploratory performances in 2015, Arts Council England funded the creation of a work in progress version of the show in 2016. A crowdfunding campaign supported by nearly 80 ‘Nincompoops’ allowed the show to be further developed and refined in 2017. This show is the result of bold choices, glorious failure, experimentation and a heck of a lot of learning. We are proud of the results and we very much hope you enjoy the show.