A face-achingly funny night of alternative comedy where anything can happen and quite often does

The South West’s best and most absurd alternative comedy event, Nincompoop Presents showcases the very best new ideas in comedy, clowning, fooling, slapstick, mime, audience participation, mischief and tomfoolery.

Previous Nincompoops have included a man pouring a can of spaghetti hoops over his head, a biscuit eating competition (a dog in the audience won), and incredible circus and acrobatics from a man with a broken leg.

Prepare to let your nincompoop loose as we get ready for an unpredictable and side-splitting night from the South West’s funniest and bravest people – and remember, sometimes the worst ideas are the best ones of all!

“A ridiculously funny night, I laughed so much I’ve got a six pack!” Audience Reaction

“Britain’s Got Talent meets Monty Python; you never know what you’re going to get next!” Audience Reaction

BRISTOL     The Wardrobe Theatre     Second Sunday of every month     7.30pm

Nincompoop is a space for comic performers at any stage of their career to take risks and try out new ideas. The night started in January 2015 and has been driving audiences to states of uncontrollable laughter ever since. Moving from The Greenbank Pub to The Wardrobe Theatre when it opened in January 2016

If you have an idea that you would like to try out please do get in touch hello@iamnincompoop.com